Empower Your Excellence

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Monique Panet-Swanson, Certified Life Coach

Do you have a burning inner desire to be more and achieve more, but something is stopping you?

Too many people give up on their dreams, goals, and desires.

They settle for mediocrity at best, play it safe, and never unleash their talents or reach their full potential.

However, I believe you have a unique gift that only you can bring and share with the world.

EMPUREXE provides an avenue to empower your excellence and pursue your dreams 


Choose to intentionally create your life that matters and makes a difference. 

Get started by contacting me today for a complimentary session.

I offer individual and group life coaching services, leadership development, and coaching to change your relationship with food.


You know you have a burning inner desire to be more and achieve more, but something is stopping your growth and progress.

Let’s break through those barriers,

unlock your potential so you live your life as fully as you want it.

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Everyone has the capacity and potential to be a leader.

You have the responsibility for developing your potential,

being self-aware, and owning your impact. Thus, I take an inside-out approach by coaching you

to develop your inner leader which focuses on mindset, equipping, relationships, and leadership.

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“Healthy eating habits” means different things to different people.

The barriers to achieving their goals vary significantly, from education to addictions. Thus, I offer the following programs while customizing each one to each person’s needs, desires, and goals.

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Why Work With Me

I’m a SPOTTER—I spot the unique greatness within a person; I’ll bring out the best in you. I affect change by helping you reveal your true self.

I’m a WARRIOR—I have zero tolerance for self-degradation and permitting disparagement from others. I’m a warrior for your valued self, leading your development of self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-love, self-acceptance, and self-respect. YOU MATTER!

I’m a BARRIER BREAKER—I never want you to “play weak” or “less than”. I provide the structure you need to unlock, uncover, and unleash your talent and reach your full potential.

I’m a FIERCE CHAMPION—for you achieving your goals beyond what you believe is possible. I have unshakeable confidence in your ability to accomplish your dreams.

I’m a CONNECTOR—I emphasize the Mind, Body, and Spirit connection. If you desire to deepen and strengthen your connection with God and yearn to know and experience the Power of Spirit within you, I will guide you in developing this vital connection and embracing your excellence.

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Monique Panet-Swanson, CPCC and Facilitator

Phone: 702-591-5934

Email: [email protected]  

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