Helping You Achieve Your 

Dreams and Goals

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Guiding You Towards Your Transformation and Empowerment

Together, we will work on your personal and professional goals so you can achieve the life that you really want. 

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You know you have a burning inner desire to BE MORE and ACHIEVE MORE, but something is stopping your growth and progress. Barriers show up in different forms for different people ranging from false beliefs, lack of confidence, decision-making, or the know-how to move forward with a goal.

Behavior is produced by what you choose to think or believe. Trying to change behavior without changing your thoughts or beliefs will not produce any lasting change or results. I will coach you through an in-depth process to discover your core beliefs and emotions perpetuating your struggles and then transform them to create lasting change.


  • Disintegrate Self-Limiting Beliefs and Choices
  • Release the Grip on Negative Patterns, Destructive Thoughts, and Behaviors That Support Your Old Struggle Stories
  • Expect Profound Shifts and Personal Transformation in All Areas of Your Life
  • Develop Self-Worth, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, and Self-Respect
  • Discover Your Connection With the Power Within You

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“Leadership is influence.”

- John C. Maxwell


  • Develop a personal growth plan?
  • Explore and develop the Leader within you?
  • Define your specific leadership vision?
  • Identify and cultivate your leadership attributes and skills?
  • Improve your communication skills?
  • Impact the development of your team?
  • Enhance the quality of connection with your team?
  • Unlock talents, overcome obstacles, and step into new roles?

I believe everyone has the capacity and potential to be a leader. You have the responsibility for developing your potential, being self-aware, knowing when and how to use your different leadership styles, and owning your impact. Thus, I take an inside-out approach to leadership development by coaching you in the growth of your inner leader.

I utilize a variety of coaching methods and tools directed specifically for your leadership development which focus on mindset, equipping, relationships, and leadership. I have extensive training and experience in the principles and concepts of Dr. Steven R. Covey, Dr. John C. Maxwell, and Coaches Training Institute.

Contact me to discuss more details on personal or team coaching and/or facilitating programs.

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Is your desire to develop lasting healthy eating habits stirring in you?

I recognize “healthy eating habits” means different things to different people; and the barriers to achieving these goals vary. I have overcome my personal battles with eating disorders and dis-ordered eating; and know the joy, peace, and freedom that await you.

Thus, I offer the following programs while customizing each one to each person’s needs, desires, and goals.


Available for Individual or Group Coaching

KICKSTART— an in-person, at-your-home experiential “workshop” to kick starts your lifestyle of nourishing your body and changing your eating behaviors for your highest good.

FREEDOM WALK — an intensive, comprehensive program to discover, embrace, and experience your freedom from food obsession and strongholds. This program focuses on transforming and aligning your mind, body, and spirit. You will triumph over your battle and learn to let food be a life-maker, not a life-breaker!


"A LEADER'S APPROACH TO EATING"--As a coach, trainer, and nutritionist, I’ve developed this 9-week course that takes a personal leadership development approach specifically related to eating to facilitate a learning and transforming experience to help you live a healthier life.

Contact me for more details about coaching and these programs.

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Monique Panet-Swanson, CPCC and Facilitator

Phone: 702-591-5934

Email: [email protected] 

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